Body Expression - Between Dance, Theater and Music, workshop di Barbara Dutkiewicz

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Body Expression – Between Dance, Theater and Music

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Sabato 29 maggio ore 10.00-11.30

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PhD hab. Barbara Dutkiewicz graduated from the Karol Szymanowski Academy of Music in Katowice, Department of Music Education (Master of Art in Eurhythmics – distinguished diploma entitled ‘Body, Movement and Space in the Dalcroze Method in the Light of Theater Reforms the breakthrough of the Nineteenth – Twentieth Century‘). In addition, she attended the Pantomime Studio run by ‘Mime Theater of Sound and Movement IOTA’, and The School for New Dance Development at Theater School in Amsterdam, as well as classes of court dance leaded by Dorothée Wortelbour in Utrecht.

In 2005 Barbara Dutkiewicz broadened her education by writing PhD thesis: ‘Improvisation as a creative method at theater of second half of 20th century‘. In 2012 she published a book entitled: ‘Polystylistics or Discourse with the Past – Choreography of Music in the Light of Postmodernism on the Basis of Chosen Musical Works‘– as a part of her post-doctoral study. In 2014, Council of Department Fryderyk Chopin Music University in Warsaw gave her postdoctoral degree in the discipline of art: eurhythmics and dance. She also works as independent researcher (wrote over 20 articles about eurhythmics method). She gives many lectures, workshops and master classes in Poland and abroad (e.g. Austria, Belgium, Canada, Cyprus, Germany, Great Britain, Hongkong, Sweden, USA).

Currently she works as an Associated Professor in the faculty of Eurhythmics, Department of Composition, Interpretation, Education and Jazz where she teaches eurhythmics, choreography of music (plastique animée), movement techniques and methodology of eurhythmics teaching, and piano improvisation. Moreover she also works with actors, singers and instrumentalists teaches stage movement, court dancers, movement improvisation.

Her artistic activities include: choreography of music, dance choreography, compositions of stage movement for theater performances as well as performative author’s project (presented in Poland, Austria, France, Germany, The Czech Republic, The Netherlands, Tunisia, Ukraine and USA). There she uses plastique animée, eurhythmics and improvisation as well as court dance, mime, new dance, body work technique. She often combines movement, voice, image (including multimedia, e.g. video). She performs both on her own and together with freelancers and independent theater groups.

She is the author over 50th music choreography according to the assumption based on the principles of eurhythmics method and several original, full-length performances for adults and children, e.g.: ‘Time and again‘ in collaboration with ‘Fiori di folia‘ of Utrecht (1999); ’L’Historie du soldat’ (’The Soldier’s Tale) by Igor Stravinsky (premiere on the stage of the Silesian Theater in Katowice 2000);  ’IMPROvision, or 6945 seconds of improvised art’ with video score (Polish Radio concert hall in Katowice 2005); ’Phraseo_logical Associations – Idiomatic compounds, or a radio program play in motion‘ – (KOREZ Theater hall in Katowice 2007); ’Delirio amoroso after J.F. Handel Cantata – stage version for soprano, instrumental ensemble and dancer group’ (Theater hall at the Academy of Music in Katowice 2007); ’Madrigal comedy Barca di Venetia per Padova – Performance for Dancers and Vocal Ensemble’ according to A. Banchieri (Hall and Corridors of the Academy of Music in Katowice 2009), ’The Tales of Mother Goose – The performance of musical fairy tale for children based on the music of Maurice Ravel’ (Chamber Hall of the National Symphony Orchestra in Katowice 2015); “In the rhythm of the machine – an outdoor movement performance” in cooperation with the HoM Theater (Bielszowicki Park in Ruda Śląska 2017).

Barbara Dutkiewicz was the scholarship holder of the Ministry of Culture and Art grant, and she was awarded the first prize at the First European Eurhythmics Competition in Trossingen, Germany in 1994. In 2019 she was awarded the Silver Medal for Many Years of Service (in the field of education) by the President of the Republic of Poland.

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