Dalcroze practice in diverses cultures, communities and contexts

Venerdì 22 e sabato 23 ottobre 2021, online

Il 23/24 ottobre avrà luogo la quinta edizione della ICDS – International Conference of Dalcroze Studies, il cui titolo quest’anno è: Dalcroze practice in diverse cultures, contexts and communities.

The aim of ICDS5 is to present the best of current research and practice within Dalcroze Studies and related fields. ICDS is a biennial, global, transdisciplinary forum, open to viewpoints from education, the arts and humanities, and the social, natural, health and life sciences. We welcome practitioners, students and established scholars alike.

This year our theme is Dalcroze practice in diverse cultures, contexts, and communities. It will allow us to discuss how and where Dalcroze is practiced, and by whom, with a special focus on the relationships between people, practice, and place. The conference will be relevant to those working in music, education, dance, somatic practices, theatre, and therapy, as well as other fields.

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